Jennika’s dance class performed the dance they have been working on nearly all year in last week’s performance of Mary Poppins. The performance was wonderful, very well done. We weren’t allowed to take pictures at the actual performance, but here are a few photos from the dress rehersal.

Make up on, hair in a bun, costumed and just waiting to go on stage.

Onstage with Mary Poppins, Burt, and Miss Shawna (their teacher). I have no idea which one is Jennika. 🙂

Finding their tape to stand on

“Flip your flippers up and down,
Look at the sky and turn around.
Bill forward, raise fillers.
You waddle, you waddle, you waddle, you waddle.
Flip your flippers once or twice…..”

“…take two steps and fall on the ice!
Pick yourself up and fall down again.”

“That’s doing the penguin!”

I may be a bit biased but in the performance our little penguins were the cutest of all the adorable dancers and won the crowd the minute they waddled on stage.



2 thoughts on “Penguins

  1. Nlkkl, what a clever, delightful way to communicate Jennika’s performance. Having viewed the practice of the
    penguin several times, these pictures helped us feel we were there. The thank you on the way home was especilly sweet. Thank you.Jennika!!

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