Forgive me for this but I just need to get this out. 😦

-My husband is out of town again and so my conversations partners consist of an almost two year old and a two month old.
-I had a fantastic post for today which involved photos. I can’t find the card reader to get the photos off the camera so I can’t do my post.
-My parents are broken-hearted due to the reckless actions of another family member who, according to my beloved sister, is being a “stupid head”.  I HATE seeing my parents hurting.
-I am learning that I have little patience for whining…very little.
-Teaching obedience to a toddler is really, really hard, exhausting, and frustrating.
-Paying medical bills that our insurance should be paying (isn’t that what they are for?!) is irritating…to say the least.
-We have the most persistent sugar ants ever in my kitchen, of all places!
-My Itunes display somehow got all messed up and I can’t figure out how to fix it!

Now, to balance all that ickyness out:
-We have a great house, with a swamp cooler that keeps the house cool.
-I don’t have to wake up and leave my babies every day.
-My husband is home most days…just not as much recently.
-I have two healthy, adorable children.
-I have a wonderful loving extended family.
-I don’t have cockroaches in my kitchen, just harmless little sugar ants.
-My tan is looking great these days.

My life really is good. It’s great, actually, but today, I just need a vacation.  Thanks for letting me get all that out! I promise the next post will be better. Especially if I can find that elusive card reader! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Venting

  1. Hang in there…tomorrow will be better! The bright side is that days like this make us not take the wonderful days for granted. You can always call me if you are in need of adult conversation (I know the feeling)! I hope you have a restful night. See you tomorrow.

  2. I am sorry too that you have to be involved in this whole mess. I hope this day is better and I am glad you finished with a positive. Thats what David did with the psalms. Vented then praised. it helps. I LOVE YOU

  3. Some days are yucky that way. And it’s worse when your other half isn’t home to pick up the pieces yet! Hang in there!

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