Chicken Puffs

I just use this recipe as a general guideline and make my on variations. 

1 pkg crescent rolls
1 can mushrooms or sun dried tomatoes or fresh spinach
4 chicken breasts cooked and cut up OR 1 large can chicken
2-3 oz. light cream cheese
1 can cream of chicken soup reduced fat
1/4 cup water
nonstick spray (perferable butter flavored)
stuffing mix

Mix the can of soup with the water and cook until heated through. Keep warm, set aside. Mix the chicken with the softened cream cheese and mushrooms or other veggies. Unroll the dough and place a little bit of the chicken mixture in the midde of each roll. Roll the dough into balls, sealing all sides. Spray the balls with the nonstick spray and then roll them in the stuffing mix. Place all puffs on a cookie sheet and bake in a 350 degree ovver about 15-20 minutes, until brown. Serve with the soup mixture on top or as a dipping sauce.


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