Veggie Patties

veggie_patties1These veggie patties  from Don Lee Farms are the best I’ve tasted. They have a slight Asian flavor to them, I think it’s the sunflower seeds and peppers. I don’t think they’d be very good on a bun in place of a burger, but there’s lots of other ways to eat them. My current favorite way to eat them is crumbled and sauteed with a little bit of sesame oil, some brown rice, and an egg. I like to eat it just like this but it’s also good in a burrito. My husband thinks this would be a good breakfast burrito. 

Costco sometimes carries these patties but I’ve started seeing them in grocery stores too. Look in the organic or veggie section. If you have a favorite way to make them I’d love to hear it!

Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Have a PopTart!

I LOVE these delicious alternatives to traditional toaster pastries. They come in all the great flavors, blueberry, strawberry, cinnamon, and even chocolate! There are times when even the most devout health food eater (this does NOT describe me) must indulge in a little treat. Thank you Fiber One for making yummy options for those times! 

The Perfect Workout Program for Expecting Moms

Moms into Fitness Complete Pregnancy Fitness Program
I got this complete video set when I was pregnant with my first and I loved it. I especially love the yoga cool down, it is so calm and relaxing. The postnatal boot camp is wonderful (and challenging) because it has a 12 week program that slowly works into a more strenous workout. If you stick with this program, you’ll be in good shape throughout your pregnancy, ready for labor, and back into your prepregnancy jeans in no time!