This week got away from me and I’m just now finding time to post our menu for the week. Sorry for the delay. I hope your table has good things on it this week.

Monday– Jennika Cooks: One Pot Cajun Chicken Alfredo and Fruit Salad
I am LOVING this new tradition and I think Jennika doesn’t mind it either. She has done a great job choosing  and preparing healthy meals. She didn’t even freak when she had to cut up raw chicken!

TuesdayGreek Salad with Pita Bread and Hummus
I love this recipe. Sometimes we will have this as a side for Trader Joe’s Gyros but tonight it was the stand alone meal and it was so satisfying.

WednesdayKraut Burgers and Fresh Fruit Salad
Continuing our Wednesday night theme of German food has been a fun adventure in foods I wouldn’t usually think to make. This was a hit, especially with the kids and I think there’s a version of this meat bread combination in almost every culture.

ThursdayFiesta Chicken and Brown Rice
This is the base recipe but I’m not going to follow it exactly. I don’t like instant rice so I’m going to make and serve the rice separately.

Friday-Spaghetti Bar and Green Beans
I think I’ve written before about our favorite ways to eat spaghetti. Our kids love it with browned butter and finely grated myzithra cheese. I love it with fresh basil ribbons, thinly sliced green olives, and a splash of lime juice. Kris like it pretty much every way. 😉  So I prepare the different toppings and let everyone have it their own way.

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