We thought it would be fun and perhaps helpful to give our a blog a new title. Our new name, “Our Utmost for His Lowest”, is probably recognized by many as play off of the famous devotional by Oswald Chambers (“My Utmost for His Highest). This is title is not intended to be a parody of or derogatory towards this great Christian literary work, but rather it is intended to pay tribute to giving our utmost for God’s highest glory by focusing on the complementary concept of God’s glory being manifested through care for the lowest, weakest, and most vulnerable of His creation. Almost paradoxically, the King of Kings equates actions done to the least of these, as done to him, and calls the least the greatest in his Kingdom. If we follow Oswald Chamber’s exhortation to be “determined to be absolutely and entirely for Him and for Him alone”, we believe that this must lead to obedience to Christ, who directed us to care for the poor and sick, free the oppressed, and reach the unreached.

This title is aimed at describing the goal of most of the posts here. However, this contents of this blog don’t strictly adhere to any specific subject (or timetable for that matter), nor do we intend for them to. But, the topics that we do tend to think about, research, and end up writing often can described by this title in a some way. We believe that loving and obeying God “with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind”, by helping the weak, means more than just occasionally giving to a charity, but trying to give our “utmost” of our thoughts, resources, money, and energy. And following the Biblical principles of the least being the greatest, and what we do for the least being for Jesus, this leads us to not just give to any how are poor or weak, but to research and seek to help the very lowest of the most vulnerable.

And finally, we believe that this Biblical vision is not intended for mere isolated individual pursuit, but is intended to be pursued collectively, in community. We hope that we can together, give “*Our* Utmost for His Lowest.”

This concept of community is perhaps one of the main reasons why I do blog. This blog is not intended to suggest that we have already arrived at all (or pretty much any) of the answers, nor that we are appreciably living according to this principles on our own. In fact, to the opposite, I believe in writing because I believe we need each other, that in engaging and putting thoughts into writing, I can grow and learn from you. I have experienced much of my growth and maturity through reading, and blogs are a particularly powerful medium since they allow direct interaction with the writer. Our writings should be considered as our efforts at learning together in community, and we welcome dialogue and feedback from you, both affirming and critical. I believe that thoughts need to be criticized and defended to be tested, so I welcome any input you provide.


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