Jennika started preschool this week. I never thought I’d be putting my daughter in preschool, in fact I can remember some conversations with other moms saying I wouldn’t. However one thing I’m learning on this parenting journey is that the the phrase “I will never….” or “My child will never…” should be followed by a VERY reserved few statements…otherwise you’ll end up eating your words, often.

So, Jennika is in preschool. This little preschool is just perfect for her. It is only a couple hours twice a week. She is in a class with all girls (could be a great thing but also a very dramatic thing!), and two of those girls are her very best friends! I love the play-based approach to learning that the preschool embraces and the social interaction that Jennika will experience.

Ready for the first day of school! Korban didn't want to miss anything.
Yes, my backpack is almost as big as

In her classroom.

While Jennika is at school, Korban and I get two hours of one-on-one play time! We are having lots of fun!


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