You had no idea when you started reading this how long and broken up it would be, huh? I told you we had a busy summer!

After Oregon we headed back to Utah for our church’s annual camping trip.

There was lots of construction work to be done.
Best friends camping together. What could be better?

After our camping trip we threw the party of all parties for Jennika and Halle who are both turning four this month. I really don’t think we’ll ever be able to top this one!

What a cute pair!
Face painting!
There was even a visit from a "real" princess and her dog!
Jennika and Princess Amera

I’m telling you this party was the best! We had pretty pink fingernails, beautiful face painting, dancing princesses, songs, story time, and even a lesson on princess manners.

Finally, Kris and a couple friends went on a camping trip this weekend. Here’s a couple photos of the beautiful area they were in.

Red Castle/Kings Peak Area in the Unita Mountains

Jon, Kris, and Jesse on top of Kings Peak

That’s our summer summary! Jennika starts preschool this week. Summer is officially over (for us anyway), and what a wonderful summer it was. I hope yours was full of fun and adventures too. Thanks for reading!




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