After Wyoming and Belize we packed up once again and headed to Oregon! Where we….

...went swimming with Papa and cousins...
...saw Oma & Papa's "new" fancy car....
...even riding in the rumble seat....
...celebrated Jennika's birthday....
...with a pirate & princess treasure hunt! This is the treasure map.
There was sword fighting....
...escorting princesses...
...and even a scary cave to explore!

Never ones to let moss grow under our feet, after a few days at Oma and Papa’s, we headed south to Foster Lake for a couple days of camping and boating.

Jennika went knee-boarding for the first time.
Kris got to show off his skills too!

Even I got back on the wake board after a four year sabbatical. Don’t worry, no pictures were taken. 🙂



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