On Friday we had a small family celebration for Korban’s 2nd Birthday. Here’s some photo highlights of our day…

Opening presents in the morning

This one is from Jennika. I love how excited she is about it.

At the zoo’s AMAZING bird show.

“I’m two!” (We’re still working on getting that second finger up.)

“Sure Mom, I’ll put my hand in his mouth, but there is NO WAY I’m sitting on this dinosaur!”

On the way home from the zoo. Even two year olds get tired!

Let’s try this again.
“I’m two!”
Almost got it!

The cake: A dump truck filled with dirt cake and a front loader with it’s bucket also full of cake.

Dumping the load onto his plate. He loved it. 🙂

Another view of the cake.

Worms in the cake!

The Birthday Boy.


3 thoughts on “Korban’s Birthday

  1. You are so creative Nikki…love the dirt-cake & all the pics! Tim & i were just talking about when he was two…now he works like a man! Hannah said Timothy reminds her of Korban and Zach says Jennika looks like a miniature you :).

  2. Thanks Elisa! It was a fun birthday. I will miss Hannah this summer, but I’m excited for the adventures she will be going on.

  3. What joy do be there for Korban’z big day. Nikki, you throw a great party!! Love. Oma and papa Dutch and Heidi arrive tomorrow for their stay with us. A gfeen helicopter circled our house minutes ago.
    Kris and Jesse,…your climbing pix leave me speechless. Much love Oma and Papa

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