My Boy,

Today you are two.

You were so little when you arrived…

but your personality has always been big.

You’ve always been well taken care of by your big sister, 

and by your buddies.

Here’s some things I love about you:

-You are such a snuggle bug.
-You have the most amazing vocabulary for a two year old. There’s nothing you won’t try to say.
-You love praying.
-You can correctly identify a backhoe, bulldozer, excavator, steam roller, front loader, skid steer, and dump truck.
-You, obviously LOVE all things related to construction and farming equipement.
-You will follow your sister just about anywhere.
-You call Jennika “Jackie”, even though you can say Jennika.
-You sing, all throughout the day.
-You can eat an incredible amount of breakfast.
-You are so relational. You often stop me when I get busy, point to the chair next to you and say, “Mommy, sit.”
-Your smile
-Your golden hair…I’ve always wanted a blonde baby. 🙂

Happy Birthday Korban.


5 thoughts on “Two Years Old

  1. Oh! That little fella has a smile that melts your heart! Happy Birthday, Korby guy! And Happy Labor Day my dearest Anne girl. You are an amazing momma.

  2. Oh, he’s adorable!!! 🙂
    The “Jackie” part is too, too cute!
    Oh my gracious, three bowls of food?! What’ll you do when he’s a teenager?!
    Hannah & i were just lamenting she won’t be able to visit this summer, sad :(.

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