Utah residents! This weekend is the 2nd Annual Stop Traffic 5k/10k Race and I encourage ALL of you to come out and participate. There is something for everybody in this race, strollers and running kids are welcome and there’s even a 1 mile fun run/walk for those who don’t want to run. The race is one in a three part series hosted by Operation 61, a LOCAL non-profit organization whose mission is to “REACH those that are lost, RESCUE those held in bondage, and RESTORE people back to a place where they can experience freedom from the very thing that is oppressing them.” So they cover everything from drug addiction to human trafficking and are doing a very important and much needed work.

By running in this race you will be raising awareness of the very real problem of human trafficking here in the U.S and also financially supporting Operation 61’s very important work.  The race is Saturday morning, so even if you have plans for Saturday you could probably come out, show your support and even get home in time to shower!

You can register for the race by going here. I hope to see you there!

P.S. For non-Utah residents, you can also make donations to Operation 61 here.


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