My almost two year old son is an excellent talker. He can say almost anything and is talking most of the day. When I tell him to do something he responds with, “Alright!” He has no trouble expressing himself.
Here are a couple of his most recent comments and conversations that have made me laugh.

Jennika is learning ABC bible verses. This week she is learning her C verse. So we say it often throughout the week. Usually when we are saying verses together Korban will also repeat as much as he can. Here’s today’s conversation:

Me: Jennika, can you say your new bible verse?
Jennika: No.
Me: Korban, can you say it?
Korban: No, tractor.
Me: Let’s say it together. Children…
Jennika: Children…
Korban: Tractor
Me: obey your parents…
Jennika: obey your parents…
Korban: Tractor
Me: in all things…
Jennika: in all things…
Korban: Tractor
Me: for this is well pleasing to the Lord.
Jennika: for this is well pleasing to the Lord.
Korban: Tractor, tractor!

Kris, a non-coffee drinker except in cases of exhaustion, has a  bad habit of sneaking drinks of my coffee. He knows it irritates me, I usually offer to pour him his own cup but for some reason he prefers mine. This morning my cup of coffee was sitting on the counter and the kids were eating breakfast nearby. I ran upstairs for a minute and when I can back down Kris was in the kitchen and Korban emphatically exclaimed, “Mommy, Daddy drink foffee!”
The look on Kris’s face was enough to tell me that he was BUSTED!


One thought on “The Talker

  1. from Karen, this is my first attempt at typing with a splint on my right hand…not too bad.

    Thanks for the chuckles! So glad you are recording some of their precious comments. Love you! Karen

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