-Today was One Day Without Shoes and while I’m too late to encourage you to go shoesless for the day, you can still get in on some of these challenges my friend at Pistols and Princesses and my SIL have.

-Last Friday was, as I’m sure you know, April Fool’s Day. My mom always made a big deal of this day when we were growing up, playing funny but not mean tricks. This year I thought the kids were old enough to start understanding the concept. So for dinner I made meatloaf cake.

Meatloaf + mashed potatoes + a little green food coloring + catsup= a fairly convincing cake…and some VERY excited kids. One of the kids said, when they saw it, “I think it is mint chocolate cake!” 🙂
The SHOVELED the first bite into their mouths and I was a little fearful that they would be very disappointed when they actually tasted it, but they all loved it and never made a fuss. Phew.

PS Two things I learned from this experience:
1.) Getting meatloaf out of the cake pan and stacking it is no easy task. Mine was crumbly and therefore pretty uneven once they were stacked. However I was able to even the cake out with very generous amounts of frosting. I learned that trick from CakeWrecks.  🙂
2.) Using catsup in a large squeeze bottle to pipe April Fools! Is NOT an easy task. Next time I think I would actually go to the trouble of putting it in a pastry bag.



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