Yesterday was a crazy busy day, so I didn’t get to post this as I had planned. This shouldn’t be much of a problem or surprise to any of you readers since I haven’t regularly posted anything recently. 🙂

Here’s what’s cooking in our house this week:

MondayAsian Noodle Salad from the Pioneer Woman, seriously everything she makes is wonderful!
Post note–I really didn’t think the kids would eat this. I also was concerned about how spicy the dressing would be with the jalapeño in it. So I didn’t put any dressing on the kids’ salad. However after realizing it wasn’t too hot they got some too, which really makes the salad shine. AND THEY ATE IT ALL!!!! So don’t be intimidated by the unusual ingredients or lack of cooking.

TuesdaySmoky Meatballs in Serrano Ham-Tomato Sauce (only I’m doing bacon-tomato sauce) and green beans

Wednesday–Crockpot Chicken and Sausage Gumbo This was my first recipe making a roux. I was scared and then proud and then amazed at the flavor. If you’ve never done it you should try it!

Thursday–Nacho Bar…no recipe needed, just gather chips, taco meat, beans and all your favorite toppings. Mmmm!

Friday–Butternut Squash Soup with toppings and Green Salad. We have a favorite recipe but I’m going to try this one.


Sunday–Basil Chicken and Southwestern-Style Mashed Potato Cakes



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