Come join us on December 11th for a marathon relay around the perimeter of Draper, starting at the Allen-Zyp house! Get a team together (or do it yourself) to run the 26.3 mile around Draper, almost entirely on trails. The race will began at 7am our house in southern Sandy. The race heads west down 106th to the Jordan River parkway. The course will follow the parkway trail south along meandering Jordan through wetland areas  to 143rd. From there we climb up to Highland and Bangerter and get on the Porter Rockwell trail, enjoying the scenery from Highland. We head east over to the base of the mountains at the Orson Smith trailhead, and climb up to the Bonneville Shoreline trail. With beautiful views of the valley, the shoreline trail heads north through the rocky terrain across Bear creek and Willow creek and then drops down to the Hidden Valley trailhead, heads north along Wasatch road, over to the Dimple Dell road and then into the Dimple Dell trail system. From there we head west down the dry creek canyon until 7th street, where we climb out, head down Sego Lily and finish up on the Porter Rockwell trail back to our house.

Afterwards we will have food (bring a dish) and music (prerecorded) to celebrate the run. This race is self-supported, we can provide maps, but you will be responsible for exchanges and supplies (we can help you plan exchanges). Join us for this exciting run on the beautiful trails of southern Salt Lake valley. You can see a rough outline of the course
here (google maps doesn’t show the Bonneville shoreline):


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