I learn some of my most significant lessons in my spiritual growth and maturity from my children. Often times I’ll hear myself telling them something that I realize I need to apply to my own life. It’s humbling to say the least, but I”m also grateful for the insights.

Recently my almost three year old daughter was in a whiny mood. She wouldn’t play with her toys, didn’t want to go outside and swing, and wasn’t hungry or thirsty. She kept walking over to the pantry or fridge and opening the door and just staring in (hmmm, I’ve done that a few times). Finally after telling her, again, to close the door she said, “Mommy, I want, I want, I want…..”,  she started.
“What do you want?” I asked her.
“I want….something!”

I laughed at her and told her she didn’t even know what she wanted. She had all she needed and was just being discontent. Almost instantly an image came to my mind…and made me cringe.

Picture me with a shopping cart full of groceries and necessities, everything on my list crossed off, my kids restless and ready to be done. Then rather than hurrying to check-out I veer down the cosmetics isle. Do I need anything here? No, I’m just looking. I scan the nail polish, ugh all the same colors. I check out the lip gloss, hmmm, maybe I should buy this one. I don’t have this exact shade of rose. Then the hair products. Maybe this gel/mousse/spray will turn my hair into the beautiful, glossy, soft curls I dream of. My kids are misbehaving, I snap at my daughter and sigh, frustrated.

I’m not so different from a three-year-old. My actions say, “I want….somthing!”, when I really don’t have any needs.  This insight is hard for me, but good. I don’t like my discontentment nor my daughters. I know I am abundantly blessed and most of the time I think I act that way. Not all time, however. Apparently it’s something we’ll be working on in our family. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Discontentment

  1. this is good and so true. We always need to fill our tanks with the Lord. There is a longing inside that only he can fill.
    PS I need the answer to the #3 riddle!

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