Yesterday, while I ran to the airport, Kris took the kids out for a short hike. When I got back home they were already in bed and asleep. I snuck into their room, tucked blankets on them, kissed their sweet cheeks and whispered, “I love you.”
Then, tired, I headed to our room to tuck myself into bed. On my nightstand I found a little vase full of wildflowers, placed there by my loving two-year-old. I asked Kris about it as we readied for bed. He said that as she hiked she picked flowers for Mommy. Then carried them the whole rest of the time and on the drive home. Once home she asked Daddy for a vase with water. She carefully placed her flowers in the vase and carried them upstairs to my room.  She knew where to put them so that I would see them. 🙂
My heart is full of love and of feeling such wonderful love from her. What better gift could a mama ask for?


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