The other night we had an adult dinner party at our house. Rather than getting a babysitter we just scheduled the party to start a little later and planned to put our kids to bed early.  They skipped naps that afternoon and then were taken to the park to exhaust themselves on the playground.

Everything was running so smoothly. Korban was sound asleep and Jennika was in bed, though not yet asleep. In the middle of our meal I heard her yelling, LOUDLY and repeatedly. I rushed upstairs, angry at her for being so loud and possibly waking up Korban. Thankfully when I reached their shared bedroom I found him still asleep. Still, I was ready to scold Jennika and rushed to her bedside.

“Jennika! You can’t yell like that. You have to be quiet! Why were you yelling?”

“Cuz” (really that’s how she says it) Just before I laid into her with scolding curiosity got the best of me. So I asked, “What were you yelling?”

“Ummm, halleluiah.”

I kissed her sweet face. Told her not to yell it, just say it quietly and went back downstairs. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cute

  1. Ahhh…precious! Good job, mommy! And glad to hear you survived your wisdom teeth ordeal. I had mine out at 17 and am pretty sure I cried all the way there…yuck!
    Love ya….

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