I lived through it! Yesterday I faced my unreasonable fear of oral surgery and got my wisdom teeth taken out. I promised you all I would give an update. The surgery itself was great, because I slept through it all. No, I did not feel a thing during the surgery. 🙂 The worst part so far of the recovery is the blood and the swelling but I’m hoping today will be the worst.

Thank you all for your encouraging words and well wishes.


2 thoughts on “Unreasonable Fears: Update

  1. Good job Nikki! I am scared of people touching my teeth too. I learned that if I trust my dentist, the fear is cut about in half…. learned that with getting a crown and liking the dentist. I wish I could still have that dentist. sigh. And the swelling and grossness in your mouth will get better very soon. Endure for a few days (just like post-partum) and it will only be a memory soon!

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