Recently in a Love It post somebody asked me if I get paid to tell you about products that I love. This is a great question and got me thinking about my reasons for promoting products on my blog.

The answer is no, I don’t get paid. Though to be honest at first my hope was that eventually I would. Now, however I’ve changed my mind . If you’re like me maybe you’ve wondered how much magazines or popular blogs get paid to feature certain brands and products in their What’s New, or What’s Great sections. Do the authors and editors really love that brand of peanut butter and that face wash, or are they just trying to keep their budgets in the black? Getting paid by a company to review their product tends to muddy the waters of integrity, even if intentions are good.

Have you ever found an obscure or new product that you love only to see it discontinued a few months down the road? I hate that! Sometimes great products don’t make it simply because they are new and don’t get a chance to establish themselves in the consumer market. I think that word of mouth, from friend to friend, mother to daughter, sister to sister, etc. is the best (and most trustworthy) form of advertising. I’ll try something my housemate or mom likes in an instant, but a new product I see on in a magazine or ona billboard, I’m more wary of.

So there are my two reasons friends. One, I want to tell you about the items I REALLY do love. I promise that if I post it, its because I think the item is great and I want to share it with you. Secondly I want these items to stick around. I had a scare with my favorite chocolate milk. For weeks I couldn’t find it in any of our local grocery stores. I was panicked, worried that they weren’t making it any more. Much to my relief, a few weeks later it appeared again. So, my hope is that by sharing with you about these items you will go try them, fall in love with them too and then call your friends and tell them too. Then we won’t have to worry about chemical free cleaning products, fat free chocolate milk, or incredibly yummy chips disappearing from our grocery store shelves! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Love It: Why I Do It

  1. Starbuck’s is selling those chips you like (….it’s a cracker, too!) So I think they’ll be around for a while.

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