This is the question we ask my two-year old daughter as we put her to bed each night. She almost always mentions dinner, or chicken, or chocolate (yes, her mother’s daughter) but recently she’s also been saying people. I love hearing her say, “Thank you for Halle, Carter, Heather and Jesse” (the family whom we live with). And it melts my heart when she says she’s thankful for Mommy.

Just the other night during our bedtime routine she beat Kris and I to the punch. As she lay down in her bed she looked at Kris and said, “What you thankful for?”

So now we all share what has blessed us during the day. It’s a sweet tradition.


2 thoughts on “What are You Thankful For?

  1. Oh, sweet girl! Halle keeps sadly saying “Jennika not come to Boise. She stay home.”. So glad we’re all still thankful for each other! =)

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