Let me introduce you to a lovely lunch guest. Friends, meet Multigrain Chip, MC for short. MC, meet my hungry friends. I met MC a couple years ago at a sample table in Costco. It was love at first taste and she’s been a faithful, filling and healthy snack or companion to a turkey sandwich many a times. She is beautiful and oh so healthy with all those yummy seeds (flax, sunflower, and sesame) and she doesn’t have any gluten or trans-fat.

Oh, and here’s her little sister, whom I just met  a couple days ago but am already becoming quite fond of, Sweet Potato Chip. Sweetie for short. She is divine with her thin slices and oh so slightly salty, slightly sweet taste.

You should invite them to join you for dinner or lunch sometime. I’m sure you’ll find them as enjoyable as I have. 🙂


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