Every time my husband goes out of town  on a business trip I am quickly reminded of how blessed (spoiled) I am to have a man who works from home. His work schedule is one that allows him to take time off during the day and take one of our kids for an outing while I take a much needed nap or have one-on-one time with the other child. His personality is such that he wants to be involved in my life and our kids’ lives throughout the day. So he often asks me what he can do to help me or will take our daughter upstairs to go to the bathroom when she exclaims “potty!” without me even asking!
I am currently in day two of four days without my man. Things are going well; the kids and I have had fun together, but I’m ready for him to come home. I’m glad he doesn’t have to travel very often for work, but in a way these trips are good for me because they make me thankful for what I have. I certainly don’t feel like complaining about his loudness in the early mornings or the continual mess that is his desk right now! Those seem like (really are) minor, minor issues in the big package.
A lot of women tell me they don’t think they could stand having their husband at home with them all day, I can’t imagine him NOT being here with me.


One thought on “Thankful

  1. Having a husband around is a real gift. 🙂 Glad you enjoy and are thankful for yours. Hope your time goes well!

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