I have hesitated to claim this huge accomplishment, thinking I might be jumping the gun. But  after several dry days, including a four hour car ride and a camping trip, I think I can safely say that Jennika is potty trained! Yay!

My goal was to have her out of diapers, expect for at night, before our next one arrives the end of May. But I knew it was an ambitious goal. I don’t think I can take much credit for this one, except for being determined. I have clothe diapers to thank for this one.going-potty


3 thoughts on “Potty Trained!

  1. Congratulations!!! You’ve inspired me – I’m getting on childrensplace.com to find some panties…

    I hope you guys are feeling better.

  2. I do think cloth diapers help because they arent comfy. and you happen to have a girl who doesnt like being ikky, plus she is pretty smart, like her mama.

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