I’ve been terrible about planning a weekly menu for the past few weeks and the next three weeks don’t look any less busy. Fortunately one of my favorite blogs recently posted a menu for the month! Yay! I’m sticking with her menu, it looks delicious and healthy. I hope you enjoy it too. 
Here’s what she has planned for this week (visit her website for the recipes):  

  • Monday, April 6 – warm bow tie pasta and salad
  • Tuesday, April 7 – bread soup and salad
  • Wednesday, April 8 – pacific rim stir fry over white rice
  • Thursday, April 9 – chicken and sausage gumbo
  • Friday, April 10 – pizza, salad, and dessert
  • Saturday, April 11 – lemon, chicken, and leek pot pies
  • Sunday, April 12 – Easter Sunday – italian chicken salad over greens;lemon-drenched lemon cake


Thank you Simple Mom!


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