Those of you who have followed this blog for a while know that I am a devoted list maker and love the feeling of getting lots of things crossed off my list. I have the occasional “lazy” day but most days I’m up and running with a mental to do list in my head. 
Last night I was talking with some friends about being flexible. We were talking specifically about being in situations where you’re not comfortable because things are different than what you expected. We discussed how this often causes stress. Somebody pointed out that  he was learning if he could look at the situation as just different than what he expected but not bad then he noticed he wouldn’t become as stressed. This led us to conclude that it’s always best to be flexible. Having plans and expectations are great but plans don’t usually turn out like we, well, plan. I’ve written about this before.
Today, I had the opportunity to put this into practice. Every other week I get together with other moms in the area for breakfast and encouragement while somebody else watches our kids. It’s a great time to connect with other women and just be women, not necessarily moms, for a couple hours. This week my table was responsible for providing breakfast so late last night I was making a yummy egg casserole for this morning. My mouth was watering as I layered the cheese, bread, and crumbled veggie burgers and my mind and soul were watering for a sweet time of fellowship with other ladies. 
This morning all my plans changed at 6:00 a.m. when our daughter came wandering into our room (she usually doesn’t get up until 8:00) coughing and crying. I held her, wiping her nose about every minute and refused to recognize what she was telling me. No! She can’t be sick, not today! I want to go! I decided to give her an hour. Maybe she’d perk up after breakfast. So for the next hour I fanned this hope, baking my yummy egg casserole and getting ready for the day. But after barely eating any breakfast and denying hot coca I knew this kid was pretty sick…what toddler says no to cocoa?! Sadly I called my friend and told her I’d be dropping off my casserole but not staying. 😦
So today, I’m holding my daughter while she dozes. I’m doing lots of things, like typing, with just one hand and giving up on my to-do list for the day. I know for some moms this time of just sitting and holding their child would be precious, absolute gold. Not so much for me, I do love holding her, but it’s hard to know that I’m really not going to get anything done today. I guess this is my chance to practice what we discussed last night and just be flexible…I’m sure those dishes will still be in the sink tomorrow. 🙂


One thought on “When Plans Change

  1. Sometimes it’s hard when we read other mom blogs who wistuflly come to the conclusion that time spent holding their sick children is a gift & a joy….thanks for sharing your true feelings! To me it’s a bit annoying, and I have to give it up to the Lord, sacrificing BIG time!

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