veggie_patties1These veggie patties  from Don Lee Farms are the best I’ve tasted. They have a slight Asian flavor to them, I think it’s the sunflower seeds and peppers. I don’t think they’d be very good on a bun in place of a burger, but there’s lots of other ways to eat them. My current favorite way to eat them is crumbled and sauteed with a little bit of sesame oil, some brown rice, and an egg. I like to eat it just like this but it’s also good in a burrito. My husband thinks this would be a good breakfast burrito. 

Costco sometimes carries these patties but I’ve started seeing them in grocery stores too. Look in the organic or veggie section. If you have a favorite way to make them I’d love to hear it!


3 thoughts on “Veggie Patties

  1. Me too! They are the very best. They are only available at Costco. If they are not there you can always ask them to carry them. It worked in my area!

  2. I love those Don Lee Farms veggie patties too. Hope you can answer a question for me quickly. I discarded the label, and I’m wondering how long these stay fresh in the refrigerator after opening. Please email ASAP. I’m hoping to take them to a potluck this evening, but don’t want my friends to spend the rest of the evening in the ER.

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