Someday I won’t have to sweep the kitchen floor three times a day. 

Someday I won’t find graham cracker crumbs in the bottom of my purse.

Someday I’ll open a drawer, any drawer, and it will still be organized and just the way I left it. 

Someday I’ll own more metal dishware and utensils than plastic ones.

Someday I won’t find matchbox cars in my shoes and baby dolls in my bed.

Someday I’ll work on craft projects at my kitchen table, not hidden away behind a locked door.  

Someday my blush and eye-shadows won’t be crumbled from being repeatedly dropped. 

Someday all my necklaces and shoes will be organized again.

Someday I won’t get to listen to the ABC song three hundred times a day…gonna miss that! 

Someday I won’t get to rock my baby to sleep.

Someday I won’t get unexpected slobbery kisses.

Someday my house will be quiet and I long for the sweet toddler noises to fill it again. 

Someday I’ll look back on these days and miss them, wishing for the simpler times. 

So TODAY I am going to delight in all the mundane tasks, the messy drawers, the dried food on my clothe. Today I will see these moments for what they are, precious moments that I will always cherish.


5 thoughts on “Someday

  1. Oh sisser bisse2 I love you! This is sweet, way to have a good attitude about the little things that drive you nuts!

  2. This is the stuff real life is made of. Remember when our someday list looked forward to smudgy fingered windows and mac&cheese and pb&j on the kitchen chairs (nice suprise!). I have to remember my pre-mommy and pre-wife days often. I have what I wanted and more. I went to a baby shower where they played this “what’s in your purse” game. I didn’t get any points for the diapers, wipes, fishy crakers, baby socks and extra binkie. I did get lots of points for my photos though. Thanks for the reminder. Love ya!

  3. Someday is here for me – at least most of the time! I can’t wait until Grandkids fill my home and my life with all the graham cracker crumbs and slobbery kisses! Enjoy!

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