Last night, hot and weary, we stumbled into our own beds, home at last! It was so nice to snuggle down into our own bed and rest.
We had a wonderful 3 1/2 weeks in Oregon. We got to spend time with our family, celebrate Kris’s grandma’s 90th birthday, visit dear friends, play at the beach, hike, swim, and relax. Here are some of our favorite photos (you can click on an image to get a bigger view)…

Oh Papa, you're so funny!
Oh Papa, you're so funny!

I like the ocean.
I like the ocean.

You can view the rest of the photos here.
Thanks to everybody who hosted us and those who took the time to visit with us. You made our trip so special.


3 thoughts on “Mmmm Home

  1. Yay a new post! I love you sister I missed talking to you often! I’m glad you had fun, but I”m also glad you’re home! Thank you for the pictures!


  2. Thanks for being our ‘guests’ and just treating us like family. We loved having you visit and stay with us. And I think Jennika LOVED it here. She’s a doll. Tell her she can come anytime.

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