Well, this is goodbye…at least for the next six days.
Many of you have probably heard about TV Turn Off Week, which is this week, April 21-27. The plan is fairly simple, you don’t watch ANY television for a whole week. I planned to fully participate, which isn’t in the least bit difficult for Kris and I since we don’t own a television. I was even willing to give up my Netflix movies that I watch on my computer after Jennika is in bed, even though I’m right in the middle of a really good season of Gilmore Girls. In preparation, I decided to find a website with some more information about this week and I stumbled upon an incredible challenge.
Not only is there a TV turn-off week, there is a Mental Detox Week. The good people at Adbusters have uped the antie this year and encouraged all to turn off not only their tv, but also their laptop, dvd player, xbox, etc. and live a week “unplugged”. Well this made me uncomfortable because I LOVE my laptop and use it all the time. I check my email probably every hour, I chat online with my sister, I listen to music on Itunes, I look up recipes, I post photos, videos, and my thoughts here, I look up directions, phone numbers, and countless other bits of information. Could I really live without my computer for a whole week? So as I was rocking my exhausted my daughter to sleep tonight I thought about this challenge and what I would do for a whole week without this wonderful little gadgit. I could work on Jennika’s baby book, write in my journal to her, garden outside, READ, rock my baby, go for walks, tackle those last few boxes out in the garage that haven’t been unpacked yet….and I kept thinking of more and more things.
So I’m gonna do it! Tonight when I go to bed, I’m unplugging my laptop and putting it under the bed, out of sight and (hopefully) out of mind for the next six days. I’ll let you know how I do. In the meantime here are a couple photos and videos of Jennika. 
Oh and P.S. While there is a lot of good and thought provoking things at the adbusters website, browse with caution!


One thought on “Mental Detox Week

  1. This is awesome! I’m sorry I can’t join you in it (I would flunk out of school if I put away my laptop 🙂 … BUT I love the idea. Good stuff. I’m excited to get your insights after the week is over.

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