Jennika and I got to spend the last six days in beautiful, sunny O’ahu. Oh, what a wonderful time we had! My dad was sent there on business and invited us to join him and Mom. He was booked to stay in a hotel on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, the “perfect” beach in O’ahu according to most tour books and the general public. The only draw back to the trip was that Kris was not able to join us because he had to work.  If he had come, it could have possibly been the perfect vacation. 
O’ahu was humid and warm, a HUGE climate change from cold and snowy Salt Lake City. While there we toured most of the island, swam in the ocean, basked in the sun, snorkeled Hanauma Bay (incredible!), and visited Pearl Harbor.
Jennika was a great traveler. She slept on the airplane, adjusted well to the time and climate change, and delighted people left and right. The locals especially loved her. Many times we’d be walking through the market and be instantly surrounded by “grandmas” and “aunties” (their words, not mine) who oohed and awwed over her. Some tried to hold her, others just wanted a smile. One group even offered to buy her gold rings and bracelets if I brought her back the next day to visit them!  
Jennika was not, however at all interested in the ocean. After a couple attempts to introduce her to the warm water she decided she’d had enough. She didn’t want to be in it, didn’t want to be close to it, and in fact, didn’t even want to look at it! Oh well, it is an awfully big body of water for such a small person.
My favorite part of the trip was the morning we spent snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. I’ve snorkeled before in St. Maartin, but this was SO much better. I could be in just six inches of water, put my face under and see fish all around me! The deeper out we went the more colors and varieties of fish we saw. We even spotted a squid hiding in the reef. I think Jillian, Dad, and I could have spent the whole day there and if we ever go back to O’ahu that will be on the top of our list of places to visit.

At Sunset BeachHawaiian BabyBeach BabesAbove Hanauma Bay


One thought on “Aloha, Baby

  1. THe little dress she’s wearing on the bed is Sooo cute! You look awesome and I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself! 😀

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