For dinner tonight we had meatloaf (with real ground beef), garlic mashed potatoes (I did leave the skin on the potatoes so that we got some fiber), roasted corn and homemade wheat bread.
I think I’ve made meatloaf twice in our four years of marriage and I KNOW this is the first time I’ve used beef instead of ground turkey. Kris said we were eating like “Americans”. Hopefully he meant the type of food and not the portions! Overall it wasnt a too unhealthy meal. The meat was lean and I used reduced fat cheese for the topping.

Jennika, poor girl, only got to eat mashed sweet potoatoes again. I think she’s getting more used to them. She’s also figuring out how to turn her head at just the last moment and avoid a spoonful.


2 thoughts on “Traditional American Meal

  1. You are funny. You do a wonderful job at providing your hubby with wonderful heathful meals. We’ve eaten more pork in the last month than we have in the last two years,, simply because of the price of other meats. I feel bad every time I buy it,, but the gagging has stopped,, that’s nice! 😉 Annah was just asking me if I remembered Mickty and her baby. She said she really likes Mickty. So we got on your site so she could see some pic’s of you and the fam. She giggled. Can’t wait for March! love ya.

  2. Love it!!
    We had meatloaf the other night two. I think in almost 8 years I have made maybe one that stayed together…it tasted good though!
    Micah’s favorite is mashed sweet potatoes too…must be cousins (or something like that)!

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