That’s right, we are relocating to Sandy, Utah.
This was a tough decision for us. We are leaving behind Kris’s family and our wonderful church family. Some probably think we are crazy to leave such a loving and wonderful environment. We have experienced such freedom to learn and grow in the gifts and callings God has given us. It is partially because we have grown, though, that we are moving. We are learning more about the Kingdom of God and our roll in it. It is exciting to know that we get to have a roll in expanding his kingdom and that in being obedient we find satisfaction and excitement. It would be easy to stay in this safe and loving environment but I think our growing and learning would stall. And so we are believing that God is leading us to a new area and we are obeying him, though it’s hard. It is our hope that we will get to participate in a church planting movement and also that we can continue to mobilize others to the mission field. Though we are leaving a large part of our hearts will alway stay nestled in the foothills of the Cascades. Oregon and Timber Valley Bible Church will always be home to us.
We are currently staying with my (Nikki) parent’s in Casper, WY until we can move into our new house. Our temporary address is: 13750 W. HWY 20-26 Casper, WY 82604. Drop us a line!   


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